Wart Removal Like Never Before.
Finally an extremely effective solution that doesn't require cutting or freezing.

Great News If You've Got Warts on Your Feet!

It’s the END of Scraping, Slicing, Freezing, Digging. Now You Can Take Advantage Of the Most Effective Laser Wart-Removal Treatments Available in Des Moines. No Bleeding or Pain Post-Procedure. Normally Only 1 or 2 Treatments!

When you first find your wart, it can seem like an easy-to-ignore small problem. Although it’s ugly, you hope it will just go away by itself.

But the reality is that warts can quickly become much more bothersome than you first imagined.

Warts can spread, and even become bigger. Or both.

And as those warts expand and grow they can become extremely painful. You may even have a hard time going about your daily activities depending on where it’s located. Plantar warts, located on the bottom of your feet, can make playing sports, or even walking, uncomfortable or painful. If you have a wart, or a small cluster of warts, it is important to address the problem before it has the chance to get worse.

Traditional Wart Treatments ... Not So Impressive

In recent years there have been dozens of treatments for warts, ranging from dermatologist medical options, to over-the-counter or at-home remedies. Many of which have one thing in common: the fact that most of these treatments do not work well. Which is why there are so many different treatments available.

Especially with warts that penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, like the plantar wart, it can be extremely difficult to treat effectively (and all the more so with adult patients).

And really, who wants to take their time to visit the doctor every week, for months, and subject themselves to endless freezing-and-scraping (and pain and bleeding), simply to hope that the wart will eventually give up and go away?

Now There’s an Incredible New Laser Treatment for Eliminating Warts

The times have changed, and there is a much better treatment option available to us. Lasers are now being used to treat all kinds of problems, including warts. A laser is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get rid of those warts.

But weren’t there lasers before? There are, perhaps ... but not the right lasers. Not just any laser is appropriate or properly fitted to the job. Even leaving out the lasers that do no more than cut away the wart, many of those other lasers simply aren’t strong enough to deliver real results. Others fail to deliver the right kind of beam in the correct way. Again, poor results.

The correct laser has to not only be powerful enough to destroy the virus behind the wart, but also precise and effective enough to cut off the blood supply feeding the wart. And it needs to do this both safely and effectively. Often in one treatment, and usually in no more than a couple.

Only one type of laser is perfectly suited for this performance: the Fotona Nd:YAG 1064nm long-pulse laser.

This laser — our laser — uses a specialized wavelength capable of deeply penetrating below the surface of your skin, ignoring the skin pigment (melanin) that would otherwise build up heat on the skin’s surface instead of allowing it to penetrate. A Fotona: Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is uniquely able to ignore skin pigment entirely and instead target the blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin and heat them to effectively cook the wart virus dead and simultaneously cut off the blood supply to the wart.

Other lasers just can’t compete, as they aren’t able to heat the blood supply long enough, precisely enough, or with enough power to achieve the desired result.

Will The Laser Treatment Hurt?

Sure. A little bit. We do have to heat up the wart tissue, remember. But it's nothing at all when you compare the laser treatment to some of the other options for treating those painful plantar warts. And it’s over quickly. You walk out with no bleeding open wounds that can take weeks to heal. And then your warts simply fall off over the coming three or four weeks.

Previously, the most common method of removing warts from feet involved freezing the skin around the wart, and then scraping away at the wart for a good 10 to 20 minutes with a scalpel. Even with the freezing partially numbing the surrounding skin, both the freezing and scraping were very painful (and you would leave with bleeding feet). And even then the results were minimal. What’s more, you might even have to come back for 10 to 15 more visits before the plantar warts were actually gone.

Other conventional treatments, just as painful, involve a series of injections and use of a scalpel or CO2 system. None of those are fun.

With our laser procedure, you will still feel the zing of the laser, but the actual process goes by very quickly. And with a laser wart-removal treatment, it only needs to be performed once, possibly two or three times at most, so you won’t have to go through months of pain and discomfort like with other treatments.

Let's Get You In Here, and Let's Get Rid of Your Warts.

If you have a wart that won’t go away on its own, like a painful plantar wart on the bottom of your foot or something painful on your toes or heel, you really do need to have it looked at by a professional. And if you live in Des Moines, you need to look no further.

If you want to get rid of your plantar warts for good, and in the shortest time, with the least amount of pain and inconvenience, the laser treatments we provide are definitely the way to go.

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You are going to be extremely happy that you did.

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